Chapter Five

Chapter Five

The next morning is both exciting…and nerve wracking. It’s exciting because I get to do actual work in my favorite class, and not just packets asking silly, childish questions…but it’s nerve wracking because I know I’ll see Professor Skye again.

Sadie still han’t returned and I’m beginning to lose all hope that she ever will. Whatever. The apartment is in both our names. As long as she sends me the rent money, we won’t have a problem.

Today, I make sure I’m not the first person to arrive to class. I find myself waiting outside the classroom, shifting from foot to foot, waiting on Josh. I don’t realize how stupid an idea this is until his face brightens at the sight of me. Shit.

We take our usually seats and he chats about his morning happily. I don’t really pay much attention. I couldn’t care less what he ate for breakfast. Is that bad?

No. Instead, I’m entranced by the man at the front of the classroom. His back is to us and he’s scribbling something on the chalkboard. I can see the outline of his muscles through his tight, button up shirt. Surprisingly fit for a man of his age… I bite my lower lip and flush. God, he’s hot.

He turns around then, probably feeling my gaze on his back, and I drop my gaze. Even so, I can’t help the embarrassing smile raising on the corners of my mouth.I pretend to interested in Josh’s one sided conversation. “Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s awesome!” What’s awesome? I don’t know, but it seems to be the reaction Josh was hoping for.

Professor Skye is staring directly at me with his icy eyes…

Can anyone else feel the tension or is it just me?

Finally, I can bare it no longer, and I glance up discreetly over my eyelashes in his direction. He’s still looking at me. I drop my gaze and flush. I must look like a lobster I’m so red.

The class continues on, as it always does, and he doesn’t look at me again- that I know of. I force myself to take overly detailed notes on today’s subject, even if it is as simple as going over a well known play. I focus on his words, not his lips, not his voice, and pretend he’s someone else, so I may not get distracted.

It’s pretty pathetic, really.

By the time the class comes to a clothes, I’ve written almost three pages of notes, front and back.

“So what do you say?”

I look up. Crap. Josh has been talking to me this whole time and I don’t have a clue what he’s said. “I’m sorry… What?”

“About this weekend… You and me… Maybe dinner and a movie?” He looks like a deer in headlights. My heart swells for him.

“I’ll have to check my schedule. I’ll let you know tomorrow?” I quickly form some sort of excuse. I know I’m not being fair to him. He’s been nothing but kind to me since I’ve started school here… I just don’t think I could force myself to… you know, date him.

“Cool.” He smiles at me before grabbing his two backpacks and jogging off to whatever class he has next. I sigh when he’s out of sight. I really need to do something about him.

“He admires you.”

I look up and my breath catches in my throat. Professor Skye is standing right there, smirking as though he’s in on some sort of secret I don’t know about. He stands perfectly straight, his hands clasped behind his back.

“Maybe a little too much.” I admit sheepishly.

He raises his eyebrows at me, still smirking. “I can see that…but I don’t know if he can.”

“Maybe he just needs to pay more attention.”

“Boys do have trouble with that.” He agrees thoughtfully.

“And you don’t?” After all, that seems to be what he’s implying.

“I said boys. Not men.”


“Have you heard anything from your roommate?”

“Sadie? No. I guess she’s planning on moving in with Jake now. I’m sure she’ll show up eventually.”

“You don’t sound concerned.”

“I really couldn’t care less.” I flush at the bite in my tone. It’s not him I’m pissed at. “Sorry. She does stuff like this a lot.”

“I understand.” He replies. “Now, would you like to get lunch with me?”

Wait- what? That took a turn I wasn’t expecting. “Huh?” I reply, like an idiot.

Professor Skye chuckles. “You have a break between classes- and so do I. I’m hungry- so are you, if the sound your stomach is making means anything. We’ll get lunch.”

“I-is that allowed?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

I flush. “Sure.” God, I should not have agreed to this.

“Good. Let’s go.” He stops by his desk to grab his navy blue jacket and hands it to me. “It’s supposed to rain soon. You don’t have a jacket. Use mine.”

“Um… Okay.” I take the jacket and hug it against my chest, fighting the urge to bring it to my nose and sniff. “Where do you want to go?”

“I’m thinking… Cibo Degli Dei.”


Cibo Degli Dei is surprisingly empty. I say surprisingly because it happens to be one of the most elite Italian resturants in town. There are only three cars in the parking lot. I imagine it’s because it’s so early in the day.

Professor Skye holds the door open for me and a host greets us. “Hello, Sir. Just the two of you?” The host says. He’s a timid little man who keeps throwing glances at Skye. I want to roll my eyes. Even the men are attracted to him.

“Yes, please.” Skye replies and we follow after the man.

He tries to hand us our menus, but Skye stops him. “No need. We’ll have the steak, medium rare, and salad please. Baked potatoes and ranch.” He answers the host’s questions before he can even ask them. “And we’ll both have a lemon water.”

I frown at him. There he goes again, ordering for me. I wonder if he does that with everyone. “That was very…bossy.” I say, unable to find the correct word to describe him.

“I’m a bossy man.” He replies.

I furrow my eyebrows at him. It’s obvious he’s telling the truth. “Maybe I like Italian dressing.” I counter.

“You don’t.”

Damn. He’s right. But how did he know?

The host brings us our waters and informs us that some guy named Mike will be our server. I thank him, but Skye doesn’t say anything. He’s too busy looking at me.

I flush and take a sip of my water to cool off. “So… Why did you ask me here?” I’ve been dying to ask this question since I got in the car, but was too afraid to bring it up while we were alone. At least here there are witnesses and I know he won’t freak out on me.

He blinks at me and I feel panic rising in my throat. God, maybe I assumed too much. Maybe there is nothing behind this lunch other than that- lunch.

He sits forward in his chair, crossing his elbows on the table. “You are far more observant than I give you credit for.”

Is that a compliment?

He seems lost in thought for a moment, debating with himself on whether or not to say something. He rubs his smooth face with his left hand and leans back in his chair. He stares at me for a moment and the anticipation is killing me. What is it? Why did he bring me here?

“I have… a little proposition for you.” He finally says.


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