Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

Professor Skye lives in a mansion. I wish I was kidding. How could I expect a renovated plantation house nearly the size of the white house? As it comes into view after nearly fifteen minutes of nothing but gravel driveway, I can’t help the gasp that rises in my throat. It’s beautiful; like something straight out of the civil war. I glance at Professor Skye and see that he’s watching me, studying my reaction. I can’t help but wonder how many other girls have been in this exact situation right now. I look away, back out the window, and realize I honestly don’t want to know.

He pulls into the wrap around drive and stops right in front of the house. He says nothing as he gets out and struts around the car, to open my door for me. I take his hand as I step out.

“What do you think?” He asks me. I note he’s still watching me like a hawk, as if he really does care what I think. I don’t know why. I’m no one special.

“It’s beautiful,” I reply. He pulls me flush against him and I nearly trip over my own feet, the clumsy idiot I am, and kisses me for the second time this evening. It’s a nice kiss. Not at all like the first one. It’s slow and heated, like lava opposed to a burning flame, but even hotter somehow. I find myself wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling myself closer. I can’t breathe, but that doesn’t matter because he’s breathing for me, together. Just when my head starts to spin, he pulls back, though he hands are still in my hair.

He stares into my eyes, so much like that fateful first day at PSU, and what I see there is raw, real. “Tonight will be different from the others after this.” He explains softly. “I won’t take your virginity violently.”

My stomach does a flip at that; whether good or bad, I’m not sure. I’m nervous- but who wouldn’t be? I just nod my head in reply, not trusting my voice.

“Come with me.” He purrs and pulls me along with him, up the front porch steps. He swipes a card to unlock the double doors, not unlike one would do at a hotel, and pushes them open with ease. I follow him inside and, once again, I am stunned by what I see.

It’s even more beautiful on the inside, if that’s even possible. A grand staircase that leads to a whole nother house upstairs… I can’t even guess how much the golden chandelier must have cost; probably more than my father ever made in his life. The thought makes me almost sad, that some people are so better off than others. I quickly dismiss the thought. I have other things to worry about. Even so, I can’t stop myself from asking… “How many bedrooms?”

“Sixteen,” he replies. “Though all but three are empty.” He’s watching me again.

Sixteen bedrooms. And all but three are empty. “That’s… amazing.” I struggle to find the right word to describe how I feel about that.

“You’re unhappy.” He notes, narrowing his eyes as if offended.

“No! No, of course not! Just surprised is all. I think this is the biggest house I’ve ever stepped foot in.” I smile to lighten the mood.

He doesn’t quite look like he believes me, but he decides to let it go. “My bedroom,” he says, “is just up this way…” He gestures up the stairs.

He leads the way, my hand in his. I wonder if he can feel how sweaty my hand is. I hope not. God, that would be embarrassing. He stops at the first door on the right, but before entering, he turns to face me. “And you’re sure this is what you want?” He asks carefully. “This isn’t something you can take back.”

I wish he wouldn’t say that sort of thing. It frightens me. “I’m sure.” I reply and I know, then and there, that I mean it. “I want you.” I add before I can stop myself. My cheeks flush at that.

He reaches up and brushes his fingers against my heated flesh. “Then you will have me.” He says, opening the door.

The bedroom is simple, not like the rest of the house, just a bed covered in red quilts and pillows, and a night stand. There are no pictures on the walls, no books. It leads me to believe he doesn’t spend much time here. I turn to ask him, but he interrupts me with a kiss.

God, he’s an amazing kisser. As his lips work on mine, he gently pushes against me, leading me to the edge of the bed. My knees brush against the fabric of the quilt and I find myself plopping down on the surface of the mattress. He follows me down, his lips never leaving mine, and kneels in front of me.

We stay in this position for a moment, before he starts to stand, and in doing so he gently pushes me back on the mattress, so that I’m laying down beneath him. He moves his lips from mine, down to my throat, where he gently suckles on the flesh above my pulse. Oh… That feels…amazing.

He raises my arms high above my head and then slides his hands downward, stopping at the hem of my dress. He starts to lift it up and I stiffen, nervous. He pauses for a moment, only to see if he may continue, and he does just that when I nod my head. The dress is easily tossed aside and I’m laying beneath him in nothing but my bra and panties. Thank God, I decided on my matching set before leaving the house.

He gently kisses down from his spot on my neck, to my collar bones, and then between my breasts. I can’t help but reach up and twist my fingers in his amazing hair. It feels so…good. I squeeze my thighs against him… I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet in my life.

“You have the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen.” He purrs, gliding his lips across my skin and landing on my left breast. “So smooth…so soft…” He reaches up and grasps both my breasts in his hands, squeezing gently. He pushes them together and plants soft kisses along the cleavage that gathers that. “And all mine…” He breathes. He leans up, careful to hold his weight on his knees on either side of me, and smirks down at me. “A front clasping bra?” He asks, as if unable to stop himself.

“It’s my favorite.” I reply breathlessly. My lips feel swollen and bruised from his kisses. The skin at which he had touched so intimately feels so cold and exposed without the feel of him. I can’t stop the movement of my hips beneath him. This is some unknown, uncontrollable longing I have never felt before. I need him.

“I think it will be mine too.” He replies. He slowly, ever so slowly, pops open the three clasps and pushes the fabric aside, exposing my bare chest to him. My nipples harden as the cool air caresses them…but I don’t think that’s the only reason. “Oh, so perfect…” He breathes, staring directly at them like a deer caught in headlights. I reach forward to cover them, embarrassed, but he stops me. “No.” He commands and, as if by instinct, I obey.

He leans down and sucks one into his mouth, achingly slow. He lets out a soft moan when doing so and then moves on to the other, mirroring his action on the first. His lips disconnect with a sucking sounds and he dives right back to the first one, massaging the other with his pointer finger and thumb. I can’t stop my moaning and, quite frankly, I don’t want to. This feels so amazing. I’m so, so wet…

To my surprise, he starts kissing even lower, once more, and I lean up on my elbows to watch as his tongue circles along the line of my panties and then even lower… I gasp when I feel his breath on my core. His tongue swipes right up the length of my quim, through the black fabric. Oh, fuck…

He pulls back and kisses from the inside of my knee and back down, but this time he skips over my quivering womanhood, and kisses right up the length of my thigh to my other knee. I groan in frustration and he chuckles at me. “Well, I can’t say you don’t know what you want.” He chuckles and dives in to the center of my panties again. I can’t stop bucking my hips against his face.

There’s a sudden breeze and before I realize what’s going on, his tongue meets my most private area. I gasp and look down once more, and see he’s pulled my panties to the side. I can hear the slurping and sucking sounds, but those are nothing compared to how fucking good it feels. I want to hold his head down and rub myself all over his tongue, but I force myself to lay back and let him take control. I’m so wet I can feel myself dripping…but he sucks it all up before it make a mess. My eyes roll in the back of my head. “Fuck yeah…” I whisper, unable to stop myself. He speeds up the pace at that, focusing now on the tiny little nub at the top part of my pussy. To my surprise, he pulls back and uses his hands to pull my folds apart, and when he returns, the tips of his tongue is dancing on my sweet spot.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I feel something icy hot building up inside the pit of my stomach. I don’t want him to stop. My hips jerk against him, as if on their own. He sucks something into his mouth and his tongue twitches as he does so.

I’m there.

I can’t stop the moan, almost scream, that escapes my lips… God, I’ve never felt this way before. This is heaven.

He suddenly pulls back while I’m distracted and unbuttons his pants. He pulls his member out. He has something in his hand; a condom, I realize. I don’t watch him put it on; I’m too distracted. I do note he strokes himself twice, before leading it to my dripping hole. He shoves it in in one quick thrust.

I expect it to hurt- and maybe it does, but I’m too distracted by how good it feels to notice.

“Shit.” He groans once he’s in. “You’re so fucking tight.” He pulls himself almost completely out, and then shoves right back in again. I feel something tear near the opening and a small ounce of pain follows, but its quickly over powered by the pleasure I receive. “I’m not going to last long tonight.” He warns.

“Please.” I whisper. I want more. I need more.

He thrusts in once more and then out. I wrap my legs tightly around his waist, in an effort to hold him close against me.

I feel his rhythm growing sloppier and harder. “Please,” I say again because I can’t stop myself.

He grabs my shoulders and pulls me down hard on his member, and stiffens above me. “Fuck,” he groans… And all too soon, he’s pulling out and rolling off to lay beside me on the bed.

“Fuck,” he says again, breathless.


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